Summer Sale

Posted by Tara George on

It’s not even the summer season yet, but the temperatures are sure making us feel like it is.  
So, to help cool some things off we decided to go ahead and bring in some cool summer sales, to help kick the season off in style.
Some of our high end products will be cut down in price, so everyone could have a chance to call Dibbs on some of our coolest pieces that we have here in the boutique. Please remember that not every item comes alike and at times very exclusive to only the ones who deserves it!
*work hard, play harder and do it while looking fabulous* is our motto!   Items due to change quickly here for the simple fact that we would hate for everyone to show up at the same social events wearing the same outfit.  We do like to avoid social suicide as much as possible here at MDB  ;)
 Keep checking back with us to see what we have up our sleeves for this summer.
 My job is to have you looking your absolute best and your job is to SLAY honey!                              Tara Marie ~ CEO


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