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I am telling you now that if you're a serious Beyoncé fan and you have not checked out her latest video album for LEMONADE, which premiered on HBO this past weekend then you better catch up now and join in on the LEMONADE buzz!  Beyoncé has done it again with her latest visual album and there has been so much talk in regards to "B"and Jay's relationship, everyone wanted to check it out, wondering are they getting divorced? Will they stay together? Beyoncé lets us know that it's for sure over! She is ready to tell it all and she is not too happy about the secretes she had too keep while still married to one of Hip-Hops heavy weights.  Everyone has been speculating ever since that infamous video surfaced with Jay-Z, Beyoncé  and Solagne in that elevator. Now ladies, we all know that something had to be up once we saw her sister flip the hell out on that man like that. Video or no video, our sister would not attack our husband unless there is a good reason to which she hints to in LEMONADE (SMH).  The short film was shot to coincide with the album and it's not just a bunch of videos thrown together to "look" like a short film, it was really artistically pleasing. I loved all the songs making me feel like I was on an emotional roller coaster with her. The amazing pieces in the short film are gorgeous, the make up  is beautiful and I feel like LEMONADE needs to have its own exhibit.  From the moment Beyoncé starts to sing I find my self in complete silence listening to every word that she said.  I am completely in love with the concept for the video and unlike her albums in the past this one feels different, with this album she gives us her "truth". Even the title for the new album is perfect giving us both the sweet and the bitter side of the Carter-Knowles household. Everyone is excited about LEMONADE and if you haven't seen it yet you can still watch it on HBO. Have you seen it? Let's talk about the madness! 😍 Follow on Instagram and FaceBook @mysibbsboutique


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