Supima & Tadashi amazing 2015 collection

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Supima's 2015 spring/summer collections are gorgeous. The dresses are beautiful with bold color blocking and low cuts. With such bright colors it made me wish spring was already here. THE CUPCAKE baby doll gown was gorgeous, followed by another and another and another. The fabrics of the dresses are gorgeous and gives the pieces such great shapes. "Daddy I want them all"! In those famous words from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate factory. Darling, these beautiful pieces are for the bold and the daring. Criminson broad shouldered cut dresses hits the runway with the perfect song playing behind it. Electric girl is what you will be if you were to hit the town in one of these dresses. Ruffled high collar dresses with a Latin flare and gorgeous colors. Absolutely Wonderful pieces. I will say that Supima showed up to make a statement for this years, 2015 New York's Fashion Week. TADASHI SHOJI is all about beautiful soft lace and sheer dresses this 2015 Spring/Summer collection. My Favorite of the collection has to be the long gray laced gown. The garment just fit the model so beautifully. All of the pieces are elegant and beautiful and will make even the toughest girl, feel like a princess for a night a Tadashi dress. Shojii has to be another one of my favorites of the shows, but at this point I have a lot of them. I can tell you that my mouthed dropped open when one model walked out in a wicked long sheer laced gown, that had a  hint of a sparkle just in the right places. These dresses are beautify made and this man, know's how to make a woman feel special. image image image image


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