Street Chic; the concrete runway

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At Dibbs we always find ourselves talking about which celebrity was wearing what?! On which red carpet?! Living in New York I get the lovely opportunity of seeing the fashion show of just every day people walking what I call 'The Concrete Runway.  Thousands of different colors, styles and materials fitting for each personality that passes through New York City each day. I am an owner of a small boutique, So I do like to keep my eyes open to see what the next trends will be and I love creating my own designs as well.  A while ago I started taking photographs of random people throughout New York City showing off their New York Personalities to help me with a little creative inspiration. This small idea grew into an interesting fashion obsession❣ So, I decided to do a section dedicated to the fashion that we see every day in the streets-Street Chic❣ so join me as I embark on this new fashion journey as we discover the million Different styles, of the people walking the concrete runway ~ every day in New York City💋. 


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