Nicholas K stole the show at NY Fashion Week

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image image Nicholas K.....Awww, what else can I say but AMAZING! No, seriously! Hooded jackets, tall high collar jackets, with cool matching sunglasses. All in different shades of beige's, black's and green's, which gave it a some what of a jungle feel to the theme. Nicholas K, has completely took the attention away from the other designer's collection, making it almost easy to forget. The materials flowed so light and freely on the models as they graced the runway. The pieces are all amazing and overtime you think you can take your eye off the runway for the moment, another great piece comes out. With the team of Nicholas K around everyone woman can look stunning in one of their pieces. The light flawy teal pieces will be perfect for the spring time, especially for the easter holiday. Every look was amazing, it has seriously been a while since I absolutely feel in love with a designer's collection. Nicholas K has definitely so far stoling the show. BCBGMAXAZIRA went very light and classic this year. One of the pieces that stopped the show, was the light white gown's with hints of metallic in them. The gowns moved so beautifully on the models. It looked as if they were barley wearing anything with the light material and basically sheer dresses. On a hot summer night out, anyone will feel and look stunning in this years collection. image image image


  • Amazing! Love every piece

    Molly on

  • Yes, and I wish I could have all of them lol.

    taramydibbs on

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