New alternative to the EpiPen

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There is a new and cheaper alternative to the EpiPen, Pharmaceutical giant CVS announced Thursday that it has partnered with Laboratories to sell a generic epinephrine auto-injector for $109.99 for a two pack. The competitors Mylan’s EpiPen two-pack prices, which list for more than $600 as a brand name and $300 as a generic and I am sure they will soon feel very un-easy over this situation. The lower-cost auto-injector, a generic form of Adrenaclick, is available starting today nationwide in the company’s more than 9,600 pharmacies. CVS jumped on the move, stating that the price of $109.99 for the EpiPen alternative applies to those with and without insurance. This couldn’t come at a more perfect timing giving what’s going – or about to go down in Washington. The average working person no longer needs to worry about being able to afford to save their own lives in cases of an emergency. This is actually good news for me considering that I am deathly allergic to ALL SEAFOOD’s. I can’t even be in the same area where it’s being cooked or eaten and my co-workers eat seafood a lot and I can’t constantly tell people what they can or cannot eat, so I am happy that now I will be able  to afford this EpiPen alternative and  I no longer need to panic as much.   Check out your local CVS to see if they have it and if not asked them to order them.


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