Low blood drives= low blood supply

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The national blood service is overwhelmed by the demand of blood by individuals and various health agencies, as the services are coming short on supplies. If someone is hurt and in need of a blood transfusion, with a shortage of blood supply this person may die. It's just not trauma victims, maternity cases, heart patients and the list can go on. Health institutes throughout the nation will not be able to help the people in serious need. The American Red Cross says that it's national blood supply is at it's lowest levels in 15 years. They do note that it can also be due to the summer. More people are on vacations, the heat keeps people in doors and most summer holidays have falling on work days, so most companies didn't host a blood drive. While part of this can be true I would think if, people where aware of this issue they would donate during the summer more. The chief medical officer of the Red Cross said that it's reached it's emergency levels back on June 25th. Most health agencies are saying that there is a critical shortage in mostly o-negative blood, of course they still need all types of blood donation. So if you're in a charitable mood with nothing to do for the day, check in and see if you're eligible to give a blood donation.


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