Loving Drew Barrymore's new eyewear line

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image Summer time is right around the corner and it's that time to buy the perfect pair, or if you're like me several pairs of sunglasses. Drew Barrymore has just launched her new eyewear line adding on to her already successful cosmetic brand Flower. The new eyewear line produces both optical wear and sunglasses. Drew Barrymore is not only a actress, she's also an author, producer, business woman and now a mother all while  growing her Brand. She has over come a few challenges at a very early age, nothing has stopped her then and nothing will get in her way now. Plus she is so cute how can you not like her.  what makes her eyewear line so great? The amazing prices on her glasses, plus they look really cute to wear. The collection has 36 pieces to it ranging from $39.00 to $100.00 depending if they are prescription or not. Either way the glasses are really cute and you can not beat the price for the brand behind it. I'm searching for a Pair of her sunglasses and for me it's a choice between the Charlie and Sophie sunglasses. Check them out. image image image image


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