Lemon water; so good and so good for you

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I love lemons and have been adding lemons to my water for some time now. The benefits to drinking lemon waters are so great, it makes no sense not to at least try it once. Recently people have been drinking warm lemon water as a new beauty routine. Researchers say that drinking warm lemon water in the morning is actually good for cleansing your intestines, helps with hydration, improves the digestion system, it can assist with overactive appetite and as well detoxify the liver, as well as reducing swelling. What's better then those healthy benefits? The fact that the lemon acts as a natural collagen booster and decreases the appearances of age spots and lightens circles under the eyes. Usually I only tend to  drink warm lemon water when I have a soar throat. Now that I've recently discovered even more of the  amazing benefits behind it, I will definitely try to incorporate this into my daily morning routine as much as I can.


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