Lady Gaga is taking on the creeps on American Horror Story.

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Lady Gaga"]image[/caption] image I just found out that Jessica Lang will not be reappearing  in the 5th season of American Horror Story. For the 5th season  Lady Gaga will be the star of this up and coming season and I can not be more excited about it! Even though it may seem to be that Jessica Lang could  careless about the singer joining the cast. The 65year old stunning actress have been recently growing a damn huge willow tree over gaga recently. Yes, giving Lady Gag nothing but shade! I'm not too sure why when Lang had a great four year run on the show. Jessica was reported saying " I am done. With it", talking about the show.  I am sure there will be split decisions between Gaga's monster fans and the American Horror Story fans. Either way it will be fun to see how next season will turn out. I love Gaga not only for her amazing voice, but also for the love of her great  fashion sense.  Yes, I do agree that sometimes some of her outfits can go a little to the left, but one can admit that when she's on she is on it! Although I do love Jessica Lang and always have, it's sad to see her finally leave the show. I'm just too excited to see what they will do with Gaga, and I for sure can't wait to see the crazy costumes that she will wearing during the new season. On another note, Gaga is getting married to her long time cutie Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney. The word is she has asked her good friend Elton John to sing at her wedding. This shouldn't comes as a surprise since Gaga is Elton John's son Godmother. I can only imagine how fabulous and gorgeous their wedding will be. image image image image


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