Karl Lagerfeld did it again for Chanel during Paris fashion week

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th-80 Karl Lagerfeld is mostly know for his big and elaborate fashion show. This time the designer was all about women's rights while staging an on stage protest. The whole look was very 70's with tweed jackets, tie-dye bags and gold flat shoes. The cool part about the show other then Chanel's new collection was at the end, when all the models walked. One model ahead of the group came out with Mega a phone, while the other groovy models carried street signs chanting for freedom. Kendall Jenner walked the show and was seen holding a banner reading Women's right are more than alright, and lots of other signs reading ladies first, history is her story and boys should get pregnant too. Lagerfeld designed the entire set into the re-creation of a Paris boulevard, with Chaka Khan's I'm every woman playing in the background. One of the last signs of the show read He for She, which supports Emma Watson's campaign for men and woman to understand and support gender equality. The show looked absolutely stunning of course, what would be Parish Fashion Week with out Karl Lagerfeld.  th-82th-81


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