Kanye brings a fashion frenzy to New York

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image Kanye West showed  off his new 2015 Adidas collection yesterday during fashion week. It was freezing outside yesterday and all his fashionable friends were inside nice and warm getting ready for the show to begin. Front row at the Adidas 2015 collection was Sean Combs, Jay-z, Beyonce (who looked absolutely  stunning), Kim Kardashian sitting next to Anna Wintour and Russell Simmons. Kylie Jenner walked the show and looked beautiful, she instantly put up her personal footage of the show on her Instagram account. The Kardashian crew all looked beautiful as always, just not sure about the entire collection. I must be honest, some of the pieces were really cool and some of the look I am still confused about. Body suits and bomber jackets can go terribly wrong on the wrong person. The sneakers were cool and considering  that it's a Adisas show, it worked out perfectly. Rihanna looked poshed sitting next to Alexander Wang during the star freenzy show. Check out the photo's below. image image image image


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