Fashion for men during a monsoon 

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   Hey guys, like so many people there's nothing worst then getting caught in a heavy rain storm while wearing your favorite suit. It's pouring outside and the only thought in your head is "The Suit."  Well thankfully the Mumbai luxury clothing brand SS Homme, has made it so where you can keep your dapper style no matter what the weather calls for. This one collection was especially made for the Monsoon season. Using a special water resistant nano technology, the blazer can actually drip the excessive rain water off of the fabric, making it completely water proof. This new collection has been perfectly named the Reign Man Monsoon Collection. There is a cool button down double breasted trench coat which features inverted welt pockets and detailing on the cuff of the sleeves making sure to keep you dry and stylish. SS Homme has a gery stunning collection for menswear. Mumbai is known for it's beautiful culture and now it's taking over in the fashion world as well. I know that I would love to see more of the SS Homme style on some of the men running around in New York City.  Check out the beautiful 2015 Spring / Summer Collection and don't forget to check out the Reign Man Monsoon Collection available now.                  


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