Deveaux NYFWM 2027 collection

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The Deveaux NYFWM 2017 collection is made for the sophisticated and stylish man. The collection is made up of warm neutral colors, cozy fitted sweaters, sexy tailored suites and jackets. Of course the pieces mix-matched can be very much unisex depending on how you style it. This collection was all about layers! Prediction for the new season *instead of wearing bulky bulging coats- it will be all about the warm layers that you have on*.  I'm a fan of over sized sweaters and I can't tell you how badly I wanted damn near every sweater and cardigan that came down the runway. The models did the collection justice by just making the clothes look comfortable and cool enough to wear😎.  Check the photos below: Deveaux 2017 NYFWM collection.  ​[wpvideo h6n6qnvW]​


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