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A big hug and a kiss to who ever came up with this great idea of gel nail polish. For those who may not be aware of what gel nail polish is. It's best and fastest drying polish around right now. It will not chip right away and it can last up to 2 weeks (provided if it's done correctly).

A gel Manicure is simply a color coated gel that is applied to the nails. After each coat is added, you put your hands under a UV light so that the gel dries quicker. The drying time takes less than a minute and it's done. Afterwards you will notice your nail technician going over your nails, with a light swab of nail polish remover. Don't freak out like I first had this done. They only go over your nails lightly, just to make sure all left over residue are removed. Now you have gorgeous nails with a shine to last you for about two weeks. For me, this is better.I can wash dishes and do a full day of chores, right after having my nails done.

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