A.P.C. by Kanye fall/winter 2014 collection

The team is at it again after a successful first run. The founder of A.P.C Jean Touitou and Kanye are excited about the release of thier new line, whic came out this week on July 17th. The military look was the inspiration behind the 2014 fall/winter collection. They came up with 14 different pieces that has a tough look and comfortable enough to wear. Of course this collection will not be cheap but, it won't be too overly priced either. Kanye has proven he's not just another rapper that likes to look good, Kanye actually has a career in the fashion world. Let's forget about all of Kanye West shanagans for the moment and lets talk a bout his sense of fashion. Other then some of the over the top styles on the red carpet, the man can dress and he knows his fashion. He just doesn't do well with men's fashion he also has a good eye for women's fashion too. When he's paired with a date for an event, the pair always coincide with each others looks. Without sounding completely pro-Kanye, I will just go back the point of this post. The new line will be the last time the duo team will work together on a collection. Kanye has a new project in works with Adidas and Jean with Nikki. I can get into some of the pieces until it gets to that heavy coat with the fur trim.  Everyone has their own style. Take a look at some of the new pieces and see for yourself. image image

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