A little beauty convo with Ms. B: on a hot summer's day

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Man it's been a crazy few weeks at work filled with nothing but unrealistic deadlines that can't be met! I am personally crushed that the weekend is over and I'm already counting down the days until the weekend comes back around.... In my case you can say "Saturday" since that is my only day off.   With my over loaded work schedules and this heat, I'm not so sure on which one may take me out first. Thankfully a few of my friends and I decided to sneak onto the roof for a little girl talk just to waist a little time and to cool off while sipping on our doubled iced drinks 😉 I asked my friend Bethany a couple of beauty and style questions to keep our brains active instead of shutting down from the heat lol.?Plus, I always like to see what other tips that I could use from other people not to mention being able to share it with all of you.   check out the video below & stay cool out there!              💋Tara Marie~ http://youtu.be/HddUZs-o3B0 http://youtu.be/HddUZs-o3B0 http://youtu.be/D9VkDf1lq8g


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