A cool concept for shoe lovers 

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OK, shoe lovers hold on to your heels for this one! There is a company by the name of Shoes of Prey who is an Austrilian company making the move to the U.S. And are waiting to take on their competition. The company allows you to customize your own shoes and have them shipped quickly to your home. Shoes of Prey just partnered up with Nordstrom so you can walk into the stores and personally have your shoes custom made while you do a little shopping. Even though the idea has been done before, it's really more about the pricing they decide to do. I have just checked out the website myself and it's easy to use once you learn your way around the site. The prices don't seem to be so expensive considering that you are customizing your own look, which then they have to recreate your style and then ship them off to you. It's such a cool concept it's worth checking it out and if your a shoe lover you just might find another addition to your shoe collection.            


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