2015 New York City's Fashion Week; Spring/Summer buzz

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I haven't been able to enjoy any leisure time within the last two weeks thanks to a heavy work over load. But, I am finally able to sit down for a little and catch up with everyone. There is some good news out of this, New York's 2015 fashion week has finally arrived and New York City is buzzing with all kinds of excitement. It kicks off this Thursday until September 11th, and from there the collections will move off to London, then followed my Milan and Paris. Most recently there has been so many great new designer's trying to hitch a ride with New York's Fashion week and since it's for mostly the elite and invited, it also only last a week. New York City is filled with tons of fashion designers and fashion enthusiastic's that a week will just not do. Which brings me to the exciting part of this post. Even though Thursday will be the official "start off day", events start now and will continue for 10 days after the Spring/summer collection officially ends. With designer's throwing parties, indoor showroom events and out door events to bring light to their collections. Once the 2015 spring/summer collection closes in Paris on October 2nd, collections will have been shown for about 34 days! Which means there will be a lot for us to talk about within the next few weeks ;)


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